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  • Len Rempel

The Blessing of Stories

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Stories — who doesn’t love a good story?I enjoy reading stories because through them we meet people, we visit places, and we experience life through the eyes and words of another. Some stories teach us lessons and make us think. I believe that good stories touch us and expand who we are; they help us grow and move forward.

We each have our own stories and stories of which we have been a part.It is important to tell and re-tell these stories. What are your stories and what are our shared stories?How have they shaped us and continue to shape us? Stories are not just about remembering but as they remind us from where we have came, they also help point us forward.

In the Bible we also find many stories; they tell us of God’s people and the relationship of God with those people. I have recently been reading again through the book of Genesis and came across the story of Abram and Sarai.

In this story God makes several promises to Abram and Sarai including one that they will be a blessing to all peoples of the earth. What is the blessing that comes from Abram and Sarai? Part of that blessing comes through the hearing of their story. Their story has shaped and blessed the faith of Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Each of these religions look back to this once barren couple and count themselves as ancestors. As we receive a blessing from the story of Abram and Sarai, we also experience God’s promise fulfilled.

Have you received a blessing through their story?

God also uses our stories to bless others as we share those stories. This fall I want to give you an opportunity to tell your stories during our Sunday services. What has brought you to this point?What have been the important markers along the way? How have the stories of others shaped your own story? As we share our stories we may just provide a blessing to someone else and thereby fulfill the promise of God.

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