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  • Len Rempel

It's Spring!

Greetings in the name of the risen Lord! I begin with the words from the hymn In the bulb there is a flower. This song is often sung at funerals as a message of hope but I also think it is very appropriate in spring as we watch the world come back to life.

Spring is here and the snow from the winter is fading into our memories. It is not a coincidence that we also celebrate Easter in the spring, as the world is being reborn. Easter is a time to celebrate the new life that Jesus brought through his death and resurrection.

The hymn I quoted above reminds us that there is much life that God has created and even though we may not see it, it is there waiting for that moment when it makes its appearance.

This spring, in addition to coming out of the cold and snow of winter, we are also coming out of our season of COVID. While the virus is not gone, we are beginning to open things up and getting back to some of our usual activities in the church. One of these activities is a BBQ on June 26 - the service is at 10:30 and the BBQ will follow. The Pleasant Point congregation will also be joining us that Sunday. These events are important in the life of the church and we look forward to sharing God’s blessing in this way.

Spring is also a time to celebrate how God continues to renew creation in all that we see around us: the plants, the birds, and wildlife. God also renews creation in each of us as we grow and draw closer to God.

May you experience God’s renewal of your body and spirit along with the rest of creation in this season.

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